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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 3, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the jackets and scarves come out as an early season cold snap delivers freezing temperatures to the area and a warning to some. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. freeze warning is expected to come into effect in a few hours as temperatures are falling. we're going to take you to one of the coldest spots in a moment. we begin with bill martin on the warning these temperatures have prompted. >> that freeze warning goes
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into effect in the next few hours. it's already 39 in concord. 40degrees in napa. it is very cold throughout the bay area. but the north bay is the focus tonight because temperatures there could easily get into the upper 20s. for the rest of us a freeze warning will go into effect tonight and tomorrow morning. it's going to be real cold tonight. coming up, we're going to talk more about the freeze warning going on. the coldest day we're going to see and believe it or not there's a chance for showers in the forecast. now to ktvu's ken wayne live in santa rosa on what's just the beginning of a cold blast of winter like weather, ken. >> reporter: it's 43 degrees right now in santa rosa and it's going to get much colder than that. if you have to be outside one good place to be is next to a
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warm fire. >> it's actually refreshing. it gets you into the hole day season feel of everything. >> i'm definitely sleeping in my scarf and mittens to save on pg & e. >> reporter: colder than tonight's lows in chicago and detroit. >> reporter: a few days back we had it for a couple of days and it wreaked havoc. it broke pipes and everything. >> reporter: bad for people but certainly not for horse s. >> think about where they came from. they're more refined. they've been around for a long time they're not going any where. >> if you don't cover it over or keep water moving. >> reporter: there was an early
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line tonight at the mission for a warm meal and a warm place to sleep. all 80 beds here will be filled. >> we'll do whatever we can to open up as many spaces as we can. we will put mattresses on the floor and fill as many people as we can. >> reporter: lisa is homeless and is glad they are not on the street today. >> i would put sleeping bags over my kid until they were sweating. >> reporter: here, it's expected to fall to 28. live in santa rosa, ken wayne. the cold weather can be especially damaging to some plants including succulents and
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citrus. it's important to make sure the soil around your plants are dry. also cover them but no longer than necessary. plants still need oxygen and light. and here's video know from the sierra within the last hour. this is from a caltrans camera. mounted in the donner lake area. developing news now from milpitas where police fanned out in the search for a woman after reports of a possible kidnapping. jana katsuyama is live where she learned the incident may have been captured on video. jana. >> reporter: that's right frank. we just moved from the scene down the street here to police headquarters that's because we've learned that police were
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inside right now they're looking over video tape. >> police are looking at the images. it picks up heat. >> reporter: you were just hearing from sergeant john torrez who we spoke with just this past hour. he's telling us that there was video cameras on board the ac transit bus that happened to pull up just alongside this bus stop where a woman was sitting on a bench. now we understand from him that there was a man who came up to the woman. they got into some kind of tussle, some sort of struggle that is captured on the tape. it happened at the ac transit bus driver saw this and called into police to report it. the man and the woman ended up disappearing off into some
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bushs in a park just behind the bus stop. there's a creek there. the chp brought a helicopter to come and look. but at this hour they have not been able to find the woman or the man. they're described as two asian man and woman in their 30s or 40s. they're treating it as the worse possible scenario as a kidnapping to see if they can try to get to the bottom of exactly what happened here tonight. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the search for a san jose pilot and his family is ongoing today. smith's son and daughter and spouses were also on board. smith is the top executive of a san jose computing firm called
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serial tech. today his partner described him as a humanitarian who is very involved in the mormon church. >> he uses that plane to fly doctors and dentists down there. >> they hope clues help narrow the search when it resumes in the morning. a young girl in the eighth grade is missing tonight from pleasanton and her family is growing more anxious throughout the hours. they're especially worried because of who she was last seen with. >> reporter: police tell us they're very concerned because the missing girl is only 13 years old and she was last seen with three males. her father says he's meeting with investigators right now. and we just checked with police
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and they say that they received a tip from a friend that she may be with the men. >> reporter: 13-year-old anna lisa's father clenching a picture of anna. her father tells us anna felt guilty for causing trouble for her parents. >> anna. it's not your fault. it's nobody's fault. we just want you back at home. >> reporter: her family tells me anna was bullied on social media and that the eighth grader was suspended from pleasanton middle school several months ago. she is currently enrolled in independent studies. her brother seen here in photos with anna say they are close. >> when she was around me she always had a smile on her face. but i can't see that smile anymore. >> reporter: anna's smile may have hit what her family
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describes as bouts of depression. police say they're treating this case very seriously because a neighbor saw her get in a car with three males who are unknown to the family. her families says she has not made contact with friends or family on social media which she uses often. >> after talking to her friends, she hasn't made contacts with them. >> reporter: anna does not have a cell phone, undoubtedly her family is hoping that the tip that she may be in san jose will lead to her return. no signs of her yet. reporting live in pleasanton, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 tuesday. now here's another look at anna. police say she is 5'5" tall and weighs about 130 pounds. she has black hair and brown eyes. she was last seen getting into a four door coupe early sunday
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morning. the car is described as a newer model and is dark brown. anyone with information is asked to call pleasanton police immediately. new information now about an officer involved shooting in san jose that happened on thanksgiving day. today police released the identity of the man who was shot and killed by a san jose police officer. authorities say 42-year-old alberto manuel vasquez stabbed two men and a woman at an apartment behind regional medical center. investigators say he then hijacked a van and led police on a chase. police say officer peters opened fire killing vasquez. no word yet on a motive for the stabbings. the victims though are expected to recover. the dispute over the new b.a.r.t. contract is headed to court. b.a.r.t.'s two biggest unions filed a lawsuit today against the transit agency. the lawsuit claims b.a.r.t. directors acted illegally when
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they unilat era ly eliminated a clause. union officials say it should have been discussed with them. >> b.a.r.t. has never asked us about the eliminating. instead they have approached us telling us, take it out. the mountain view genetic testing company 23 and me has been hit with a class action lawsuit. the company is being accused of misleading customers with its advertising for personalized dna test kit. 23 and me says the kit is designed to help users predict their risk of developing a number of diseases. last month though the fda ordered the company to stop it sales saying that it failed to show that its technology worked. the founder of 23 and me is married to google founder sergi
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brim, although the two are currently separated. under the agreement the owners of marcus books would pay a little more than $2 million for the building. marcus book social security -- marcus books is now working with a area nonprofit to buy the building. a local celebrity is killed in a motorcycle accident. >> he was a lovely guy and we're sorry to lose him. >> how his fellow writers are remembering him. coming up i'll pinpoint when this cold weather can turn into snow. and what's next for dozens of homeowners and more. a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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new developments from treasure island where the developments of toxins is sending people out of their homes. eric rasmussen is live on treasure island tonight with a heated meeting this evening a meeting where residents were demanding some answers. eric. >> reporter: frank things did get heated despite treasure island officials insists residents health is not at risk. many of them told me news that they would have to move caught
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them off guard. million dollar views of san francisco at a slightly more affordable price. mark denna has called this part of treasure island home for several years but now he's one of those being forced out. >> this came from nowhere. >> reporter: denna showed us the letter that he and six others received just before christmas. six houses will have to be vacated between april and july. >> it tells us your homes is one of those affected. we had never heard of it before. >> reporter: the navy wants to clean up toxic waste buried below the unit and in some cases test wells contaminated with arsenic. >> they're not digging in the soil and they're not being exposed to the elements that are there. there's not a danger. >> reporter: tonight more than 50 people came to a special
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meeting with questions and frustrations. >> i'm fine with that. during the whole holiday season. >> reporter: options to relocate on the island will be given to residents in order of who's been here the longest maybe more troubling than living on contaminated round are tales of a rental property many cannot afford. >> one bedroom going for 8,000. nobody wants to be thrown into that market. >> reporter: there's a long term plan to completely redevelop treasure island adding residential units, hotel rooms and commercial and retail space. we're live on treasure island, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. we now know the name of the man who was shot and killed today during a san francisco elementary school. the medical examiner's office has identified him as kyle hayes of san francisco. the shooting happened shortly before 11:00 this morning at
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the interception of bureaus. hayes died at the scene. school officials called for a lock down while police searched for the gunman. no word on an arrest or a motive. new information now involving a 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed in a hayward park last month. his family says christopher presinos was trying to defend a teenage girl who was being threatened by two alleged gang members. police say those gang members killed presinos and are now charged with murder. he wanted to become a paramedic and had just gotten his cpr certification. san jose police say a bus driver was hit by a car and killed this evening. shortly before 7:00. a bus driver was hitted at vista ridge park he died some moments later at the hospital. the driver stayed at&t -- stayed at the scene and is cooperating.
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friend of a san francisco man killed in a motorcycle crash gathered to share their memories. bill bethwick appeared on the home improvement show curb appeal. david stevenson tells us, friends are honoring the local celebrity as a larger than life celebrity. >> reporter: with tears and smiles friends of 38-year-old bill bekwit today remembered him as a dramatic and adventurer. >> he loved life. and his love of motor bikes was part of that. >> reporter: bekwit was best known as a cohost of curb appeal. he was also a member of the piston and chain motorcycle club. he died last night in a collision with a car. >> unfortunately we've all agreed that if we take on this hobby and this sport this is part of what you take on. this is what happens. >> reporter: witnesses say it appeared bequit collided with the car as he road north on
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steiner street. >> i saw a guy about 10 feet from a motorcycle on the ground not moving and a car a couple of feet away that had a major dent on the side. >> reporter: in october bekwit posted about assisting the victims of a head on collision. quote a solid reminder that our lives can change at any instant and to be grateful for what i have right now. >> he was a lovely guy. and we're sorry to lose him. >> reporter: he created the membership board that hangs on the clubhouse kitchen. many of those members are coming in to remember him. >> we've opened up the clubhouse for people to come in and remember him and not to be alone. >> reporter: bequit was an experienced motorcyclists who had recently ridden through central and north america. the driver in the crash is cooperating in the investigation. no charges have been filed. in san francisco, david
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stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. only on 2, our ktvu field poll looks ahead to the potential republican presidential candidates. nearly half of california voters have a favorable view of chris christie. jeb bush has 29%. ted cruz 24%, marco rubio 22%. rand paul 21%. here come the clouds and a little bit of moisture too. then the cold air settles in. it's mostly clear outside. with the clear skies and the wind dying down it's getting cold. right now in santa rosa it's 42. these temperatures especially in the north bay where there will be a freeze warning in effect overnight tonight. these numbers are going to get
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into the upper 20s. the coolest spots. maybe you might find a 25- degree reading but it's going to get really cold throughout the bay area. coldest spot in the north bay tonight. when i come back i'm going to talk about the overnight lows, what you're going to feel when you wake up and we're going to take a look at that chance for showers as we get into your friday. from 1,400 police officers to just 900. at 10:30, san jose's latest effort to retain people with pay even as more officers leave the force. up first a bay area city considering tough new rules for e-cigarettes. why some say they're just as dangerous as the real thing. [woman] you wrapped the...
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[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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tonight the city of richmond is considering expanding its cigarette ban to include electronic cigarettes. some say they're a safer
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alternative but derek valcourt tells us, it's becoming a habit. >> reporter: some say this makes it safer. >> nicotine however it's delivered is a very dangerous drug and we need to step up to the plate. >> we're trying very hard to being a healthy city. part of being a healthy city is sending the message that it's not okay. >> reporter: the cdc says last year nearly 2 million middle and high school students nationwide had tried e cigarettes. double the number in 2011. e-cigarettes contain in this -- contain nicotine which is no difference. >> the basic idea is regardless of how you get the nicotine drug, that there should be restrictions on. >> reporter: advocates say e-
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cigarettes are a safer alternative because it gives you the nicotine without burning tobacco. the fda has yet to determine how much nicotine or other potential harmful chemicals are being inhaled and whether e- cigarettes are okay. >> i would not be surprised to find out of getting secondhand effects from even the exhalation of the nicotine gas. >> reporter: in richmond, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. the numbers are in and cyber monday was a huge success. online sales rose to $2.3 billion. 29% of shoppers used their cell phones and tablets to buy presents. sales in stores over the
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thanksgiving weekend were some what disappointing. stocks grew lower as people worried about the lackluster. wall street is concerned that the feds could start reducing its stimulus buying this month. apple shares are at their highest point in nearly a year. they closed at $566 and change. black friday sales were good and reports of a deal in china boosted the prices. and shares of palo alto based tesla rose 10% to $535. that was fueled by germany's report that two fires fires were not caused by the electronics. a famous bay area chef being remembered tonight as an inspiration. then at 10:45 -- >> wait a minute there's an
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extra bill. >> reporter: a restaurant server gets a tip of a lifetime. the mark a big tipper is leaving at bay area restaurants and beyond. up first, fresh snow in the sierra. the conditions here found today amidst concerns of another dry winter. a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. click on the live icon and check out all of newscasts live on your mobile device. [ male announcer ] december is customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo,
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yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. continuing coverage now on our cold weather. this is what u.s. highway 50 at myers looked like a few hours ago. as you can see there was snow on the ground. the forecast calls for a chance of more snow in the sierra for the next few days. this comes as a welcomed gift. as ken pritchett reports now, mother nature has fallen a bit
10:30 pm
short so far this season. >> reporter: the crowds were light. but the snow was coming down heavy this afternoon at boreal ski resort. it's why jacob lewis and robinson of venetia came up for their first snow day of the year. >> first day of skiing of the season dude. >> there's more snow today than there was a week ago. >> reporter: that's true, november brought us scant amount of snow just a few feet and this snow will bring about a foot. skiers may feel like there's a lack of snow but resorts say this is typical for the first week of december. >> this isn't far off normal. it's still december. early december. >> reporter: skiers and resorts were spoil last year with a record november and december snowfall. sugar bowl ski resort was opened last thanksgiving but so far the lifts are not yet running. >> luckily it's cold so the snow is going to stay. we're making snow. we're going to get more. >> reporter: peter says temperatures overnight will allow snow making 24/7 for the
10:31 pm
next several days. he says opening in mid-december is normal but they're expecting to beat that mark. >> winter is just starting, we're hoping open friday it's all tentative. after a record snowfall it shut off in january leaving a bismal snow pack. it's hard to predict low the wait a minuter -- predict how the winter will end up. ken pritchett, ktvu news. on state highway 50, chains are required from twin bridges to myers in el dorado count tip. the sonoma county board of supervisors approved spending a quarter of a million dollars to equip their deputies with lapel
10:32 pm
cameras. the request is after the death of andy lopez. lopez was holding an air soft bb gun that looked just like a real assault rifle when a deputy shot and killed him. community members are pressing the county attorney to press charges. police are expected to get a pay raise. but for many officers this new agreement is too little too late. ktvu's robert handa tell us some officers have already voted with their feet. >> reporter: the san jose union counted votes this morning and announced officers approve the city contract proposal by a 79- 21 margin. the raise didn't matter to kim alford an 11 year veteran who quit today to join another bay area department. >> the moral is absolutely low. it's obvious you can't deny it. and you know they're going to
10:33 pm
have to do a lot more than what they're planning to do with this new contract to fix that. >> we have six officers walking out the door even after this contract is approved. they're following many who came before them. this came way too late. >> reporter: with officers down to 900 makes life too risky. >> the low numbers is making it difficult to get assistance when you need it. >> i had lost my house. we tightened our belts because of it. >> reporter: the mayor says he city hopes the raise will help retain officers. >> the cost for individual officers skyrocketed. driven by skyrocketing retirement costs. they've gotten so costly we can't afford to have as many as we want. >> reporter: the city council approved the deal blind closed
10:34 pm
door and will take a private vote two weeks from now. fema has denied disaster relief after the rim fire. the governor estimated the fire cost the state about $70 million. and that's in addition to environmental damag estimated at $115 million. fema had previously decided the fire did not justify a declaration of being a major disaster. the rim fire burned more than 400 square miles in and around yosemite national park between august 17th and october 24th. there's word tonight that one of san francisco's most influential chefs julie rogers of zumi cafe has died at the age of 57. she took over the cafe in 1987 is credited with redesigning california dining. rogers friend and business
10:35 pm
partner gilbert pilgrim said she kept her cooking simple and that they worked well together for seven years. >> a very good ride with a beautiful partnership. we were both very lucky that we had the same affinity in the kitchen. >> food critics all applauded zuni's cook book. roger got sick a little more than a year ago with cancer of the appendix. hear from a bay area waiter who pocketed a large tip from a mysterious diner and why he likely will not be the last. and he's alive. keep him there keep him there. >> divers looking for wreckage discover a survivor. how he lived for days underwater. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community,
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that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone. there's not one way to do something. no details too small. american express open forum. this is what membership is. this is what membership does.
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a remarkable story of survival at the bottom of the atlantic ocean and it was all caught on tape. >> he's alive. keep him there. keep him there. >> reporter: what you're seeing is a diver. he was stunned when a hand grabbed ahold of him. a nigerian cook survived for three days while breathing an ever dwindling air pocket and sipping on a coke. the cook says as he waited for help he repeated the prayer for deliverance. he believes it was devine intervention that saved him.
10:39 pm
officials say the engineer performed an emergency braking maneuver when he realized the train was heading into the curb two quickly. a preliminary indication says that the train was going 80 miles per hour. the transportation security administration announced today it is opening offices. participants have their own line at airport checkpoints. they don't have to take off their shoes or coats or take their laptops or liquids out of their bags. it costs $85 to enroll for five years and you have to have your photo and fingerprint taken. the first application site will be at the indianapolis airport and other sites will open soon in new york and los angeles. some south korean war veterans are questioning why 85- year-old meryll newman visited south korea. last week north korea released
10:40 pm
this video of him confessing to crimes during the war. he acted as an advisor for korean fighters called the white tigers. former members of the white tigers say they are still the most despised and feared in the north. in fact, one korean general who escaped said he would never go back. >> in science, americans are in 22nd place just below average. and in math 29th with 28 countries ahead of the u.s. students from asian nations were at the top in all three categories. new at 10:00, ballerinas taking center stage in a special holiday performance of the nutcracker. >> the whole land was in celebration for clara and the
10:41 pm
nutcracker. >> reporter: san francisco ballet dancers have been visiting the children's hospital. >> tons of snow flakes dancing around. see they're all on points. >> ballet. >> it's a great reminder for us why we're really out there and it brings the joy to the children. so, that's what nutcracker is all about. >> the first american performance of the nutcracker was in san francisco on christmas eve 1944. this year the san francisco ballet will start its public performances on december 11th. a new way to pass the time at sfo. the new program putting therapy dogs at the airport and what you should do the next time you see them. our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking falling temperatures right now. at 10:45 he will take us right through the weekend. >> your restaurant tab is $460. how much would you tip?
10:42 pm
15, 20%. how about 300%? that's what tips for jesus did and you will hear from the lucky server next.
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10:44 pm
someone is acting as a kind of santa claus this christmas for waiters and waitresses. no one is quite sure who's doing it. new at 10:00, heather holmes is in san francisco now she talked to one of those lucky servers who received one of those generous holiday tips, heather. >> reporter: well julie the server here at harris steak house. he could not believe it at first. he told the manager to go and double check the amount. and sure enough, this tipper
10:45 pm
decided to tip $1,500. he's set to tie the knot and says this unexpected $1,500 tip could not come at a better time. >> i said yes, because i had just bought the rings. >> reporter: in one case a $10,000 tip. >> they really nice guy, funny. >> reporter: jang said he didn't notice anything unusual about the two men. but he did notice the exclusive black american express card one of them used to pay the bill. then he noticed something. >> there's an extra zero at the end. >> reporter: the tips for jesus on the signature line. the man was asked to sign his signature which doesn't reveal
10:46 pm
his identity. >> there are bartenders. i'm not sure what the agenda is but it seems like a win-win situation. >> reporter: from this server and soon to be husband, gratitude. >> i want to say thank you. it made my life much better. thank you. >> reporter: we stopped by tacoliciuos where a server there received a $1,000 tip but we're told she is off tonight attending class. it'll be really fun and exciting to see where tips for jesus pops up next. i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. >> it'll be interesting, thank you. a bay area artist says he was surprised to find wal-mart selling one of his creations without his permission. and attributing the work to another artist. eddy cola says he first painted this imagine on canvas and sold it three years ago. this week he discovered the imagine was being sold on wal- mart's website distributed by the company of boston. in response the artist has
10:47 pm
created this billboard in san francisco. he then made prints of the billboard and selling them to raise money for legal action for what he says is the illegal use of his imagine. today wal-mart pulled collers work from their website. people gathered for a holiday tradition today. that was the voice of nfl legend ronny lot leading the count down for the lighting of the christmas tree at 555 california. the lighting ceremony was proceeded by a holiday concert featuring pop singer carly jay repson and pacific boys choir. it's called the wag brigade. it's a joint effort between the san francisco spca and sfo.
10:48 pm
starting today trained dogs walk the terminals with their handlers and vests that say pet me. all is part of the animal assistant training program. interacting with therapy dogs provides release from stress. you can see members of the wag brigade on a daily basis. temperatures today dropped off a good five to 10 degrees. these are the numbers that we got today. if you remember yesterday we were doing mid-60s, upper 60s. today was 57 in san rafael. it was only 54 in vallejo and 55 in antioch. highs tomorrow, upper 40s in some places. it's not going to get that warm. there goes that front and behind that front all that cool air has settled in. and this is where the
10:49 pm
temperatures lie right now. and it's dropping fast down there. it's dropping into the 30s in concord and walnut creek. soon in santa rosa you'll be in the 30s. by tomorrow morning temperatures in the north bay easily into the upper 20s and low 30s. that freeze warning in effect at 2:00 this morning in the north bay then for tomorrow night a freeze warning for the entire bay area excluding san francisco. a cool morning start. the diminishing winds tonight are the real reason for that real cool down. when the winds die down and the sky is clear. you get a very cold night. it looks cold out there too. the embarcadero is lit up. just one of those nights when you won't have a jacket. not just tonight but the next few nights. san jose tomorrow we're looking for temperatures to not warm much out of the 50s. so 1:00 tomorrow, san jose you're 50 degrees. at 4:00 you're 49.
10:50 pm
as the evening comes around it's 43 degrees. you know tomorrow night is going to be one of the coldest nights we've seen in some time. thursday morning will be very close. computer model tomorrow morning it's clear and cold. tomorrow afternoon clear and cool. going into thursday. another cold one. thursday morning is going to be really cold. another freeze warning. clouds start to thicken up. watch this. the clouds move in. this is friday morning and this is friday afternoon. a lot of cold air in place. if this system develops we're going to be seeing snow in bay area peaks and really low snow levels in the tahoe area. they could get another foot of snow that would be great. the five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view very cold, very cold. and hopefully this shower thing develops and that would mean snow in the mountains. maybe some snow in our bay area peaks and snow around here. that system even though it's a cold one will be a deal that
10:51 pm
will kind of warm us up a bit. i tell you what i stepped outside a little while ago it's cold. you will notice it when you get out of the car when you get home tonight. >> i went out to get a coffee and the wind was very chilly. riders have traveled 180,000 miles at the service debuted three months ago. 700 mint green colored bicycles are available 24-7 at 70 locations. including san francisco, redwood city, palo alto, mountain view and san jose. figures show more than 13,000 people have used the bikes for 80,000 rides. the service is set to expand next year. kind of unusual tonight. fred is here with sports. both the warriors and the sharks playing teams from toronto. >> yeah, warriors at home. sharks on the road up in toronto. but let's go to the sharks they haven't been playing well recently. today against a very good
10:52 pm
raptors team. toronto led by 17 at the half. one time they led by 27. but the warriors woke up and remembered hey we make three pointers it's what we do. klay thompson with a three. klay made six of his 12 point attempts. then it's curry. then another triple to give warriors the 101-99 lead. 27 for curry. golden state hit eight of their 11 threes in the fourth quarter. they outscored 23-15. they win by nine it's the largest come back in 10 years for golden state and seventh largest come back in nba history. 112-103. san jose sharks took the best record to toronto and it was like home away from home for seven sharks players who have roots in the ontario preference. ford was in the house looking
10:53 pm
in good spirits. ford and maple leaves have issues. that's when one of the sharks from ontario is around. so sharks need to turn it up in the third period. the defenseman slips the puck. they add an empty nether to win 5-2. toronto loses its fifth in a row. rob ford may call in sick tomorrow. coming up, billy bean, busy man again today. we'll tell you about the oakland a's comings and going including another addition to the bullpen. when we come back. thanks, mom. more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster.
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make breakfast pop!
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baseball american named oakland a's president billy bean executive of the year. but when the announcement came, he was in his laboratory working on some more trades. gregerson relies on a wicked slider. could be the best in the majors. billy wasn't done. he says he picked michael choice to the west division rival texas rangers for craig
10:57 pm
gentry. gentry doesn't provide much manpower but he's a solid defensive platoon player and he will fill the role that chris young did last season. they also get josh linlum. remember when bryan wilson barked at laird. he is going to resign with the dodgers and be a set up man again. wilson came back from tommy john surgery. and sure to add more drama to the heated dodgers rivalry. 30-year-old elsbury agrees to a deal worth $153 million. elsbury led the lead with stolen bases but this is good enough as money. that is sports as we see it this tuesday night. >> just what cal and stanford need. >> exactly. but what a return for the warriors. that was historic tonight. >> thank you. the ktvu morning news
10:58 pm
starts at 4:30 tomorrow. it's going to be a cold one. and you'll have an updated forecast to help you get out the door. you can follow us on facebook, and the ktvu app. have a good evening everyone.
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what am i most afraid of? hmm, let's see. global warming. and getting a "b." the phone ringing in the middle of the night. that i'm too much of a perfectionist. honey, this isn't a job interview. oh, man. job interviews. nothing. yeah, right. what about the pigeons? oh, i don't like them. they're shifty. losing mitchell. oh! hotel bedspreads. never getting my driver's license. or getting one and the picture sucks. dying alone. claire: oh, haley, sweetie, did you find your shoes? mom, please, not today. i just wanted to know if you found your shoes.


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